smart balance

Smart Balance is original formulated from USA and re-packing in Malaysia. The product has been in the market for more than 5 years. The selling point of Smart Balance oil is the only cooking oil with patented cholesterol balancing. The old packaging was commonly used by other brand cooking oil and not patented. Our task is to develop a packaging to outstand the patented cholesterol balancing and emphasize the new improve formula.

There were two primary challenges for us to complete the task. The first is to design a whole new bottle prototype for patented and secondly is consumer has already get used to the old packaging for a long time, we have to come out a striking and attractive but remaining the manners of Smart Balance Cooking oil.


Campaign Summary

The logo is Smart Balance must be remain unchanged, but changing the background to darker green colour as to contrast with yellow oil substance. The salad dressing was added to illustrate the healthy cooking nature.

As the bottle design, after research studied of local oil business, diamond shape was added as no other brand has used it and to bring up the reflectivity of golden oil and also for the better grab holding.

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