kim kopitiam

Kim Kopitiam – a household name in Johor Bharu has found ardent fans for its unique Hainanese blend of coffee since its early establishment.  Soul Project rebranded Kim into a trend leading and pioneering Kopitiam Café as one of the first Kopitiam cafes, while boosting their sales by over 70%.


Campaign Summary

Branding had to come before marketing – we created a strong identity to differentiate Kim from other cafes.  Following this resolution we created a set of illustration of traditional coffee processing as the interior theme for Kim’s new café.  The menu was also given a rework through the use of professional photography to present its menu offerings. To complete the communication strategy, we implemented a series of ATL & BTL undertaking through newspapers and banner ads on line.
Kim’s feedback not only reinforced the effectiveness of our branding implementation for their new identity, they were also extremely pleased with the increase of sales by over 70%.

As feedback from client after launching the campaign, besides they are happy with their new identity and new look,, their sales has a significant increment of 70%

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